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EU IUU Coalition researcher

EU IUU Coalition researcher

EU IUU Coalition researcher

The coalition is carrying out a 3-year project to promote some of the EU’s best practices on ocean governance and fisheries transparency in regions such as East Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Using the EU’s influence as a major flag and market State, we are aiming to help the EU drive policy change at a global level, whilst also ensuring that it invests in improving its own systems and increasing transparency. Our approach to making this happen is through engaging with key decision-makers, providing intelligence and expertise to the European Commission and through strengthening relationships between the seafood industry and the NGO community.

The coalition members are also working on the alignment of import control schemes in key market states such as the EU, US and Japan as well as improving traceability and verification of the legality of seafood imported to the EU. In order to achieve this, the coalition engages with policy-makers and seafood industry from these major market states, promoting best practices through research and advocacy.

In addition, coalition members have also been engaged in discussions on the revision of the EU’s Control Regulation (one of the three key regulations implementing the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy). Drawing from the successful revision of the EU external fleet Regulation in 2016/2017, coalition members aim to ensure that the revised regulation reflects best practices with respect to monitoring, control and surveillance, sanctioning and traceability and, ultimately, sustainability and conservation.

Key tasks

The researcher will provide support to the members of the coalition and the project coordinator.

The role will include, but not be limited to, the following tasks:

  • Working with and under coalition members supervision, the researcher will conduct specific research, as well as compile and process data relevant to campaign objectives (sometimes working jointly with consultants);
  • Produce policy briefings, rebuttals, reports and communication materials such as blogs, media advisories, films scripts etc;
  • Edit and proofread all coalition public-facing outputs;
  • Monitor the EU and international policy agenda related to IUU fishing, identifying key policy opportunities to successfully achieve coalition goals;
  • The researcher will report directly to the project coordinator, consulting closely with coalition members, taking full consideration of their priorities and internal processes;
  • Some travelling might be required, including attending Brussels-based meetings relevant to coalition objectives.

: Please send your application including a cover letter and CV to by 2 September 2019.

Start date: Immediate